Popularity Of Russian Nesting Dolls


Russian nesting dolls are quintessentially Russian, and make the best souvenir from this fascinating country if you ever plan to visit. Russian nested dolls, also called Matryoshka dolls come in many different shapes and sizes. The number of dolls that nest in the top layer differ depending on the size of the dolls, and the artist’s whim. These marvels of logic are made in different, intriguing themes such as holidays, sports, religion fairly tales and so on using age old techniques.

What Do Nesting Dolls Mean To The Russians?

These dolls represent the Russian culture in minute form. If you take a close look, each doll set follows a different theme. Mostly painted to look like women in traditional Russian clothing, these dolls represent Russian fairy tales, cartoon characters, world leaders, sports heroes, pop culture icons, or animals. In a way, nesting dolls are a way for Russian craftspeople to express their creativity, intelligence, knowledge and love of art.

Why Do Tourists Buy These Dolls

Tourists to Russia invariably bring back a piece of Russia with them in the form of nested dolls. Nested dolls are a popular export from Russia. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also useful as containers for small objects such as jewelry, spices, and so on. These brightly colored, embellished, and painted dolls make excellent gifts, which add to their popularity. What makes Russian nested dolls more popular is the long and enthralling history behind them.

You Can Buy These Dolls From MatryoshkaNestingDolls.com

One of the main reasons for nested dolls being a popular export from Russia is that these dolls can be purchased wherever Russian souvenirs are sold. You can try your luck at shops, street vendors and markets, and also online stores that specialize in Russian items. You might also be able to bid for and buy nesting dolls belonging to Russian estates. These antique estate pieces are collectors’ items and it’s a matter of pride to own them.

Russian Nesting Dolls Represent Family

Russian nesting dolls usually represent women in their motherly, maternal form. The word ‘matryoshka’ means mother in peasant Russian. Some nested dolls contain a whole family that includes mother, father, and children. There’s a sentimental value attached to these dolls. They make the ideal gift for a family, especially for little girls who are starting their journey into the world as young women.