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Beautiful, Traditional Nesting Dolls from Russia


 Beautiful, Traditional Nesting Dolls

The Russian Nesting Doll, also known as Matryoshka doll and sometimes referred to as just a Russian Doll or Nesting doll is a set of dolls, usually (but not always) exactly the same design  in decreasing sizes, one placed inside the other.

They charm people of all ages with their detail and children particularly are enchanted by the increasingly smaller dolls they find when they take apart the lovely nesting dolls. There’s just something intriguing about the same doll being found – in perfect detail, exactly like the one before it, in smaller and smaller sizes. 

Traditionally, nesting dolls have five dolls in a set, but that can vary. They are usually of similar shape and they often are themed, with a traditional Russian folk theme being among the most typical and most popular.

A little Nesting Doll History

The first nesting doll set was carved in Russia in the late 1800s by a craftsman whose wife was so charmed by this first Russian Nesting Dolls set that she took it to the Paris Exhibition in 1900. It was well received and soon after the nesting dolls were being made in several Russian cities and grew in popularity around Europe and then around the world.

Today they are internationally known and revered for their charm and detail. They are truly works of Russian folk art that delight people of all ages.

Different Styles of Nesting Dolls

We carry Nesting Dolls to please everyone – from holiday themes to fairy and folk themes. We also carry single dolls (not nesting) that go along with the themes and make great gifts – for you or someone else, including collectors. Our nesting dolls are handcrafted with an attention to detail fitting of our master craftspeople. The finest Russian Nesting Dolls are made by painting multiple layers to achieve a polished and detailed finished product. Some of the designs are so detailed and painstaking that they can take over a month to produce just the one set.

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